Christopher Holmes


Christopher is heart and mind of our company. He works with everything concerning repairs and establishes positive image of our company. He founded Service Center and started to use his creative skills to companys success.

Mr. Holmes often represents Service Center in many public presentations and press conferences. However, his main position in our company is closely connected with the management of various departments. He has made a great contribution to our developmental and research strategies.

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Microwave Repair

  • Stove Repair

  • Washer Repair


Christophers Projects

Testing electrical equipment requires some experience of dealing with various electrical tools, and here Christopher pays attention to their correct usage.

Mr. Holmes has a lot of experience in electrical repair, and this project includes representation of useful instruments any home owner may need.

Christophers new project introduces a new method of repairing tablets, smartphones and other portable gadgets that are widely used today.

Friendship Links

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